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The exit polls are the most important way to predict the outcome of an election, as they show voters who will turn out and vote, and how they will vote.

They also provide a snapshot of the demographics of the electorate and a sense of how the candidates will fare.

However, they are notoriously imperfect.

As a result, it is often difficult to predict which states are in play before the actual election.

And when it comes to determining who will win the presidency, the exit polls can be a very important gauge.

In fact, according to the exit poll, Trump has a slim edge over Clinton, with Clinton leading by 5 points in a RealClearPolitics average.

The exit poll is also a great tool to look at who is likely to be the most likely to vote.

While it is impossible to know how the exit polling will play out, we can be pretty sure that it will give us a very accurate picture of the state of play before an election.

What the exit-poll does not tell us What the Exit Poll does not say About the Exit-Poll According to the Federal Election Commission, exit polls require a certain amount of trust in the results of the poll.

In short, a surveyor will have to have the confidence of the voter to call the results accurately.

If the surveyor doesn’t have that confidence, then the pollster may not be able to call his or her results accurately or at all.

The surveyor must also have confidence that the poll is accurate because it is done by a third party.

So, the poll must be considered accurate if the poll has a margin of error of at least 5 percentage points, and it has a confidence interval of at most 5 percentage point.

According to a report by the Center for Public Integrity, exit poll results are subject to much higher accuracy levels than those from other sources such as phone interviews, mail surveys, and online polls.

That means that the margin of sampling error is typically closer to 8 percentage points.

This means that even when a pollster misinterprets a poll result, they still have a better chance of being accurate than if they actually did.

It also means that when the exit results are used in a national election, the results can be more accurately predicted.

The Next Step for Pollsters Exit polls are only one part of a poll’s analysis, but they are essential to its validity.

Polls that are accurate, but not in line with the exit survey result are considered underweight.

This is because the sample size of the survey, or the number of respondents who will actually participate in the poll, is too small to tell a meaningful story about the electorate.

Exit polls also tend to be less accurate than polls that have a higher margin of confidence, which are less likely to fall outside the margin.

The good news is that exit polls generally have a low error rate, and the bad news is they also have a lot of room for improvement.

They tend to have a high level of confidence and, therefore, can be used more widely in future elections.

What’s in a Name Exit polls can give us some pretty interesting information about a particular state, city, or neighborhood.

For example, exit polling can show that a certain city is much more Democratic than other cities or states.

The name that exit pollsters use to give their poll is a major indicator of the city’s demographic composition.

This can help us understand how certain demographics like age, income, and education are concentrated in certain neighborhoods.

And exit polls also can give a pretty good idea of the party identification of the voters.

For instance, exit surveys can tell us if a certain group is more Republican or Democrat, or if they have an independent streak.

A lot of states have specific rules regarding which states will be considered a swing state, so you will often see pollsters asking their surveyors what that means.

For more detailed information on the importance of name-calling, you can read a detailed article on the topic here.

Exit Polls in Five-State Politics The exit-election method also helps predict how states are going to vote in presidential elections.

Exit poll data is generally considered the gold standard for election results, and they are often cited by pollsters as the best way to estimate the outcome.

However and as this election season unfolds, it may not always be the best measure of a state’s general election prospects.

There are a few things that make exit polls particularly valuable for election prediction.

First, they offer a snapshot that is independent of any previous polling that has been done.

This gives the exit method a greater degree of accuracy, and also helps the exit campaign.

In the past, pollsters were required to use their exit poll to estimate how the vote would have voted had the polls been conducted by other methods.

This meant that they had to estimate whether the pollsters predicted that they would have received at least a majority of the vote, which was known as a “majority” estimate.