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Exit wounds, a new movie about a father’s life after his wife and children were shot in the back, opened on Friday.

Exit wounds is a documentary that follows the life of Matthew Bowers, a former U.S. Marine and retired Army sergeant.

It’s an intimate look at the family’s experience of leaving behind home and the loss of loved ones.

It was written and directed by a veteran documentary filmmaker, David Naughton, and is about the experience of being a former combat veteran.

The film is about Bowers trying to rebuild his life and get his life together.

Exit wound is the third movie by Bowers to hit theaters this year.

Exit wounded: a documentary about the life and times of a veteran also premiered at Sundance earlier this month.

The filmmaker recently spoke with The Huffington Post about his work on the movie and how the film relates to his experience.

How long have you been making movies?

I’ve been making documentaries for the past seven years.

When I left the Marine Corps, I was in a unit in the Gulf War.

I was assigned to the 9th Armored Division.

I left for Iraq.

My unit was in the desert in Iraq, so I was basically on my own.

I had no support system in my unit.

I wasn’t getting any medical care or anything.

I started working as a producer on a film about a Vietnam veteran, and I was on a couple of movies.

I thought I was going to be in Vietnam forever.

Then I started shooting the film about the American soldier.

My buddy got shot, and my wife and I were both killed in Iraq.

When you’re in that environment, you’re not prepared.

It became this really traumatic experience.

When we were filming Exit wounds in Baghdad, we were sitting in the house with the family.

My wife was dead.

The family was gone.

We had to drive across the street and meet the family in a car, and then they told us, “You can’t drive over here.”

They were gone.

They couldn’t get us out of the house.

We were stuck in Baghdad.

I didn’t know what to do.

I really didn’t understand what was going on.

The last time I went out to work in Iraq was at the end of November 2001.

We went to work for a company that was making equipment for the war effort.

We got out of Iraq on the second day of December.

We drove back to our base and had to wait for the Iraqi government to take us back.

When they took us back, the last thing I remember was getting into the car and going home.

How did you get into the military?

I had been studying for the Army and the Marine corps, and when I got out I started looking for something to do with my life.

I wanted to work on documentaries.

I knew that it was going be difficult because I was just trying to put the film together.

When my wife died, it was the most painful time in my life, because I had to rebuild my life and go back to my job.

When it became clear that I wasn�t going to get a job, I just got really depressed.

I went to a psychiatrist, and he recommended I quit and take a job in the military.

What kind of work did you have to do in the Army?

I went into the Army at the age of 16.

My first job was in Afghanistan. We weren�t expecting any combat, but we had to move out of our house and I had my own living space.

I did some photography, but I didn�t get into a lot of projects that required a lot more than what we did on the movies.

After I was done with that, I moved to Iraq, and it became very difficult.

I just wanted to focus on filmmaking and doing films, so it was very hard to get anything going.

I spent a lot longer in the field, but it took longer to build up a portfolio, and so it became a lot harder to make money.

You had to work harder to get the kind of projects I was working on.

How do you know that you�re going to make a living off of filmmaking?

I know that I am going to need some support, but also I know I�m going to have to be really careful because I know there is a lot at stake.

I think the best way for a filmmaker is to get involved in a small-scale project, and for a veteran like me, it�s the first time I really saw myself in the position of having to make decisions about my own life.

What made you want to get into film?

I just felt like I had a passion for film, and a lot has changed since I was a child.

I remember when I was little, I used to go to the movies, and the movies would be the biggest thing that we watched.

I would go into the theater, and we would go back into the house and sit and watch movies. When