Tarjeta exits the UFC and becomes a UFC fighter July 17, 2021 July 17, 2021 admin

Tarjetas UFC career could be over after he was released by the UFC on Friday.

Tarjets’ agent confirmed to MMA Fighting on Monday that the former UFC light heavyweight champion had been released by UFC after two years with the promotion.

“I have no idea why he left the UFC, I think he was just frustrated,” Tarjetea’s agent, Dan Cunha, told MMA Fighting.

“I have a feeling he wanted to come back to MMA and to get back to his sport.

He did this for the fans.

He was a big part of the UFC for two years.

I am really sad for Tarjethe fans and for the UFC.

I think they have to understand, the UFC was his home for the past two years.”

Tarjeta’s agent said he has not spoken to Tarjes’ manager about the situation.

He added that Tarjeda’s contract with the UFC is for the rest of his career, which he said was not renewed during his time with the organization.

Tarjeda said he had not heard from his manager about his departure from the UFC or his status as a UFC employee.

He also said he was not aware of any other UFC fighters who have been terminated for leaving the organization for different reasons.

Tarjaeta, 29, was the first UFC fighter to earn a victory over former champion Jose Aldo at UFC 206 in June, when he knocked out Aldo with a brutal rear-naked choke.

He finished the bout with a unanimous decision, and has been a mainstay in the Octagon ever since.UFC president Dana White said Tarjota was a “talented fighter” who had “an outstanding career.”

“He’s a very good fighter.

He’s one of the most talented fighters in the sport,” White said in June.

“He has an amazing fight record.

He won the UFC light-heavyweight title and it’s been one of his best fights to date.”

Tarjeeta is currently ranked No. 6 on the UFC’s light-weight rankings, behind Aldo, Aldo’s teammate Frankie Edgar, and fellow Brazilian Diego Brandao.

Tarjeeta defeated Brandaos at UFC 196 in March, becoming the first fighter to ever beat the Brazilian.

Tarjeetas next opponent, Brazilian Mauricio Rua, has not yet been announced.

Tarjaeta has said he’s willing to fight Rua and could face Aldo or Brandaus next.