When are Ohio’s exit interviews coming? July 21, 2021 July 21, 2021 admin

An Ohio exit interview is not yet available.

It will be available when a candidate is ready to be interviewed.

An Ohio state exit interview can be requested by a campaign, but it does not guarantee a seat in the legislature.

The last Ohio exit interviews were held in August and September.

The Ohio Secretary of State is conducting a statewide exit interview.

It was conducted by an outside company, called the Ohio Exit Interview Company.

Ohio officials said the state will ask candidates for their responses to questions about their plans for how they would use their time.

If the candidate is approved, they will then be interviewed at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, officials said.

A candidate could request a pre-planned interview to be done at the request of a friend, family member or a trusted aide.

If a candidate doesn’t respond within a week, the state may seek permission to ask questions at a later date, officials say.

For more information on Ohio exit interviewing, visit http://www.ohio.gov/exitinterview/.