What to know about the NHLPA’s upcoming exit negotiations August 5, 2021 August 5, 2021 admin

AFLPA President David Hale said the union will hold a news conference Thursday to discuss the exit negotiations with players and managers.

The union’s leadership has repeatedly said it would be a non-binding vote.

The AFL’s bargaining team has been in contact with players’ representatives, Hale said.

“The AFLPA will continue to consult with all players and our negotiating team on a fair and transparent outcome,” Hale said in a statement.

“In the meantime, we will continue our efforts to reach an agreement that best protects our players and their future.”

Players and owners have been locked in a dispute over a new salary cap for the upcoming season, which would mean that they would receive the same money as the NFL, which was created after the strike in 1968.

Hale said a deal was possible, but the union would have to reach a final deal with the players in a number of areas, including: Overtime pay and rest.

Salary cap.

Salary negotiation.

Player health and safety.

Team salary and cap management.

The issue has been a sticking point in negotiations between the union and the NHL, which has said the salary cap is the most important factor in negotiations.

The NHL and the AFLPA have said the cap is too high and that the union has been overreaching.