Why we have to go to the exit polls to get answers to the Brexit referendum August 6, 2021 August 6, 2021 admin

Breitbart News has learned that the exit poll is expected to show the Brexit result as being 62.2% Remain and 52.8% Leave.

This is a massive difference, and we have just now got a few days to figure out why.

The exit poll will be released in three parts, each covering the three main campaigns.

The first part will be from Friday afternoon.

The second will be on Saturday, followed by the third on Sunday.

We have no idea when these will be published.

The second part will cover the three different sides, and the third part will focus on undecided voters.

The data on undecideds will be gathered in the next few days, and they are going to be crucial to the Remain campaign.

We will have more details on that in a moment.

The data will also be used to try to figure whether Remain has an advantage or disadvantage in the referendum.

We do not know if any of this is accurate, but it does look pretty damning for the Remain side.

If we had a two-way ballot, and one of the parties was more popular than the other, then that would be the winner, but we do not.

This has been the conventional wisdom in the EU referendum, which has been that the Leave side would win.

We now know that this is simply not true.

If the exit polling is correct, the Remain camp is winning.

The polls suggest a more than 10 point lead for Remain, and that is a very real and significant difference.

The exit polls will also provide insight into whether there are any key voters who do not want to vote for the Leave campaign, or if there are voters who are undecided.

The more we learn about them, the more confident we are that they are still undecided, even if they might have otherwise voted Leave.

In the event that the Remain and Leave campaigns have similar numbers of undecideds, the exit vote will tell us who is the stronger campaigner in this referendum.

If that is the case, it will tell voters whether the Leave camp is more effective in mobilising voters, or whether the Remain party has the better messaging and strategy.

We know from the 2016 EU referendum that people who are less confident about the future are more likely to support Leave.

There are plenty of voters in the country who are not confident about Brexit at all.

If we have the data on people who say they are undecided in the polls, and are not sure about whether they would vote Leave, that will be one of those people.

The polls have shown that people are more confident in the Leave case than the Remain case, so if the exit results prove that Remain has a strong lead, that would help to change the vote.

The Leave campaign also has to work out how to convince people to turn up to vote.

There have been lots of people who have told us they will not vote, but they have not been telling the truth.

If they do turn up, we will have a real picture of how the Remain vote will be received by the public.

There is no doubt that the Brexit vote is going to cost the country billions of pounds, but there is also no doubt it will be a positive thing for our economy and for the future of our country.

The question is whether the Brexit campaign is prepared to spend the money wisely.

Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has been a supporter of the Remain cause since the day she was elected in May 2016.

We cannot afford to waste a single vote on her.

The Leave campaign is not going to make a mistake, and if we do have to make the same mistake as we did with the Leave vote in 2016, it is time for a fresh start.