Why N.J. must rethink exit code on exit: Why are New Jersey drivers to blame? August 8, 2021 August 8, 2021 admin

New Jersey’s exit code, the number at which cars stop and wait to be driven off the road, is often criticized for being too high and too confusing for drivers who might be unfamiliar with the state’s laws.

But now the state Department of Transportation says that’s no longer the case.

In an open letter to state lawmakers, the agency says that it has been working to improve the state exit code and will be implementing a more standard system in 2018.

The letter, signed by the DOT’s senior administrator for operations and safety, and two other senior DOT officials, says that “we have not seen a single fatal incident related to New Jersey exit codes in more than a decade.”

The DOT also says that the number of fatal crashes involving drivers traveling on exit codes has fallen from 4,500 in 2015 to about 1,500 now.

And it says that traffic fatalities on exit numbers have decreased by about 50 percent since 2015, despite the high number of exits.

It’s not the first time that the state has been criticized for its exit code.

Last year, Gov.

Chris Christie issued an executive order requiring drivers to get out of their cars to make their exit.

The move sparked a major media backlash.

State officials are also considering a pilot program that would require drivers to have a driver’s license to enter a state exit.