How to get the exit ticket for London to Paris on a train August 10, 2021 August 10, 2021 admin

People in Paris are hoping that an upgrade to the city’s train system could save them money on tickets and help them escape Paris for London.

Parisian commuter Simon Thiele tweeted on Wednesday that he could buy an upgrade ticket for the Lufthansa Eurostar from the city center to Paris by taking the Paris-Paris Rail link.

The ticket, priced at 3,500 euros ($4,400), would allow him to travel on the Paris Metro to Paris in just five hours.

He tweeted:  I have been using a ticket from London to London for the last week.

I’m on my way to Paris.

The Eurostar is a lot faster and cheaper than the tube, but the trip is far less scenic.

The Paris metro has been under scrutiny following a spate of deadly attacks and the government has pledged to improve services.

The London Underground is also struggling to cope with rising demand for travel, with commuters saying they are not seeing enough staff on the platform.

A report by the London mayor, Sadiq Khan, last month found that London’s underground service is understaffed and “sits below” the national average.