Honda launches new Fender-style exit exhaust for 2018 model August 12, 2021 August 12, 2021 admin

Honda on Wednesday announced the introduction of a new, low-slung, Fender style exhaust that offers a quieter and more powerful way to power the car.

The company said the new exit exhaust offers a lower, more natural look and offers more control for drivers who want more power to take control of the car on the road.

The Fender exit is a lighter and more compact exit design that can also be used as an engine exhaust.

The new design allows drivers to have the vehicle’s engine exhaust shut off while driving and not disturb the engine noise, said Honda.

The exit exhaust is available in three models: the regular-sized exhaust, the small-sized and the small exit exhaust.

A large exhaust option is also available for the 2018 Honda Civic.

The standard-sized exit exhaust weighs 4 pounds.

The entry-level Civic, a midsize sedan, has a small exit design.

Honda said the 2018 Civic entry- level hatchback is available with a small, medium and large exhaust for $30, $35 and $40, respectively.

Honda is making the Fender exhaust available in a number of markets, including the United States, Europe, Japan, Asia and Australia.

The company said it will also roll out the Fenders in Europe.