The Irish exit light movie will be a French film August 17, 2021 August 17, 2021 admin

Exit light movie The Irish Exit Light movie is to be produced by French studio Tritium.

It will be made in Dublin, with director Peter R. Reilly.

“We are excited to be working with Tritio, who have been working with us for many years,” said Peter Reilly.

The film will star Michael C. Hall as the director, Michael Cushing as the producer, Paul McGuigan as the cinematographer and Michael McKeon as the star.

“There are a lot of great Irish talent out there and we want to showcase them.

This is a project that we’re looking forward to making,” said Reilly.

Tritia’s website said the movie will explore “the life of a young couple who set off on a road trip across the UK.

The journey starts with a beautiful day at the beach, but they quickly discover that the journey has a dark side.”

The company will also be producing a new feature film about the same characters, which will be released in the UK next year.

A Tritian film has already been in development for a number of years.

The Irish Independent earlier reported that it was looking to finance the film, but had been denied by the Government.

Triptium said it was hoping to secure funding through its own commercial activities.

“The company has invested heavily in Irish film over the past two decades, with productions such as The Irishman and the Triptian trilogy,” the company said.

Trompe L’Oeil will be the film’s theme song.