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“The people who live in this area are very, very friendly.

I haven’t been here in 15 years.

I’m just really looking forward to having a better time.”

—Luis Garcia, 32, an architect who lives in the area for a few years.

He said he and his family used to come here every weekend to eat and drink tacos.

But he said this year, his family has moved back to downtown Los Angeles and decided to leave.

“I don’t like to go back, but I love my city.

I want to be part of the people,” he said.

“This is the best place for me to be.

This is where I grew up.

I have a lot of friends and a lot more people.”

—Lauren F. O’Neal, 30, an artist who works for the National Gallery of Art.

She said she had to change her commute because her father died last month.

“It’s been really hard.

I get home from work and I don’t know where I am going to go,” she said.

—Melissa A. D’Orazio, 29, an architectural researcher at USC.

She was hoping to go to Los Angeles for a conference but realized she could not afford it.

“There’s no money for my car, I can’t afford gas, and I can only work at night,” she added.

“My husband and I have been here for eight years, and now we’re just about to get a divorce.”

—Kathryn P. Ting, 37, a registered nurse and mother of two who has been living in the United States for six years.

She and her family plan to move to Los.

“We are tired of being in this city.

It’s not going to get better, and we’re tired of having to leave this country.”

—Nancy D. Kravitz, 55, an art history major who works as a freelance photographer in Washington, D.C. She hopes to live in Los.

She lives in a townhouse near the U.S.-Mexico border that she has rented for her and her two sons.

“The border is like a big empty space, and it’s like a place to be,” she explained.

“People from all over come here to stay.”

—Tessa H. Brown, 36, an urban planner who works in Los Angeles.

She has lived in Los for a year and said she is excited about moving to L.A. “Los Angeles is a beautiful place.

The people here are friendly and helpful.

It will be a beautiful new place,” she concluded.

—Kelley L. Johnson, 40, an accountant and father of two, has lived here since 2007.

She is excited to move.

“They’re very welcoming, and they have lots of options for where to live,” she admitted.

“And we are all looking forward just having a lot better life.”

—Rita L. Pinto, 30 and a member of the United Mexican Chamber of Commerce, said she will move to L, but is not sure where.

“At this point I just feel like I’m leaving everything behind and moving somewhere else,” she stated.

“But I do not know how I’m going to live without my family.”

—Michaela L. Rodriguez, 35, an environmental science professor and founder of the Los Angeles Climate Leadership Network, said moving to Los would be a good choice.

“With a lot higher-paying jobs and better education, I am happy to be able to live closer to work,” she commented.

“A lot of my friends and my co-workers from other states are going to move here because they think it’s the best, most affordable place to live.”

—John R. Ritchie, 59, a photographer who lives on the west side of town.

He is not currently moving but is interested in moving.

“For me, Los Angeles is one of the most beautiful cities in the world,” he stated.

—Elizabeth L. Oster, 28, an administrative assistant at the University of Southern California, who is from South Africa.

She currently works for a major employer in Los Angels, but said she plans to move in 2018.

“If I am able to do that, then I am looking forward moving to California,” she told The Washington Times.

“So much of my work revolves around social justice.

It would be great to have more diversity in my city.”

—Jill S. Nussbaum, 39, a writer and a Los Angeles native.

She recently relocated to Los from Miami and plans to live with her mother in the city.

“L.A., as a city, is so diverse and exciting,” she wrote.

“When you go to the movies, you can get really excited about something.

You get to see a lot different cultures and ethnicities, and all of that makes it