Why Camilo Sesto is so good at exit 9 September 6, 2021 September 6, 2021 admin

CamiloSesto, the Spanish team that beat Argentina in the World Cup qualifiers, will face Brazil in the quarterfinals of the Copa América.

The match will be played on the Copacabana, a large stadium in Brasilia.

This will be the first time that Camilo will face the team of Argentina in a World Cup qualifier. 

Sestos coach Carlos Gomes is the second Spanish coach to have taken charge of the side after Pep Guardiola was given the nod to take over from Roberto Di Matteo. 

Brazil is coming off a humiliating 4-0 defeat to Spain in the last round of the tournament, but Brazil is in good form.

The team has been unbeaten in their last seven matches, and they have scored five goals in their past six matches. 

This match will serve as a test for Sestos defense, as Brazil have struggled to score goals.

Brazil has only scored seven goals in all competitions, and their defense has not been very good. 

The game will be televised live on FS1, with the coverage starting at 6 p.m.

EDT and ending at 10 p.ma.

Brazil will be looking to win their first World Cup final. 

CamiloSosto have a long history in the Copas Américas, winning the Copan Cup in 2014, the Copamax Cup in 2016, and the Copo Amélior in 2017. 

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