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Posted by The Washington Post on Thursday, April 21, 2020 07:13:51As we have reported, there is an active effort by the federal government to install exit signs in the capital.

It is estimated that the new signs would cost $5 million each and cost around $4.5 million to install, according to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

The exit signs are expected to be up in the next couple of weeks.

However, the Washington Post reported on Wednesday that the city’s exit signs will be installed on the street, not at the entrance.

The new signs will display the words “Exit” in red letters, followed by a white letter “X.”

The letters indicate a location in the city and can be entered with a button on the sign.

If you want to enter your name and address into the sign, just press the button on your phone.

You’ll be taken to the entrance of the Washington Monument.

You may also tap a “Sign” button on any exit sign to enter it.

You can also enter your address in the address field at the bottom of the sign and your phone will be taken there.

The signs are installed in phases, and they will go up in phases across the city, according the Post.

In April, the city installed the exit signs along the Washington Memorial Bridge in order to allow for the installation of a new “X” at the top of the Capitol building, where the Capitol rotunda was located.

There, they will remain until the Capitol is reconfigured, the Post reported.

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